Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obscure Americanism

Chris Matthews answered some questions from a CNS News correspondent at the white house correspondent's dinner over the weekend. The gentleman asked Matthews if he still gets a thrill up his leg from Obama, to which came the response,

"I'm an American. Perhaps you find that obscure."

I was struggling to figure out what he meant by this when he went on to say,

" I have a feeling about my country. When he talked about it, I was inspired...I know other people don't report that...But I had that feeling and I will report it."

Matthews is then asked if it is okay to report his feelings.

"Oh, I like to report the truth. And if you have a feeling, that's part of your reporting."

Sadly it appears the new standard over at MSNBC is that reporting the truth is reporting the truth about how you feel. Matthews goes on to say the press doesn't need to be harder on Obama, but "I think we have to question the numbers though."

" We're going to have a debt by the end of the first term that is equal to our entire's scary."

At some point the gentleman asserts that it was the content of Obama's speeches that thrilled him. At which point he is cut off by Matthews, "No, what he said. The way he said it."

So lets get this straight so we can watch hardball with some clarity from now on. Matthews will report the truth of how he feels. Which is not determined by the content of what the president says, but how he says it. Not to mention the president's actions and policy decisions, which apparently are not really connected to Obama since he will not be tough oh him, just the numbers. No doubt due to the fact, or should I say feeling, that the former president is still the culprit. Perhaps your right Mr. Matthews. You are an Obscure American.


  1. yeah, msnbc is mostly commentary. fox makes up stuff as they go. lots of anger and other 'feelings' going on there, too.

    but, that's how they make money.

  2. When I listen to Matthews (usually by accident) I feel like I'm listening to an idiot savant. Those are my true feelings, and I'm reporting my true feelings. So, all of you reading my comments here, please treat it as news. How in the hell did this alcoholic ever make it past freshman year in journalism school?
    I hope when he reads this that I didn't hurt his feelings.

  3. I would love to join the Matthews bashing, but frankly I know absolutely nothing about him except for his tingly leg... Don't think I've ever actually watched his show.